How to Improve Your Dogs Health Naturally

In a world that many say is over medicated, it’s time to get back to the more natural ways on how to improve our dogs health. There isn’t a magical pill or ointment or serum that is going to drastically improve your dogs health; a dogs health is a reflection of how well their owner is taking care of them. So how can you improve your dogs health?

The first thing that you need to take a good hard look at is what you are feeding your dog. You dog needs to receive the correct amount of nutrients each and every day to prevent any number of dog diseases and other ailments, such as dog cancer. Some things that you should definitely avoid in your dog’s feed are:

– Artificial dyes and colors
– Preservatives
– Less “filler” products (such as corn and whey)

Look into better quality dog foods, or consider supplementing with your own foods at home, such as whole chicken breast, fish, and other natural, whole ingredients.

Fresh water is another important element to your dogs health. If you aren’t changing your dog’s water dish several times in a day, then your dog doesn’t have fresh water available to them. Water not only hydrates our pets, but it also helps flush out the toxins that are in their system.

TIP: Avoid plastic food and water dishes when ever possible. Stick with stainless steel, glass, or porcelain bowls.

Now for another rather obvious but often forgotten way to keep up your dogs health: exercise. This isn’t to say that you need to run 10 miles with your dog every morning and each evening, but your dog should be getting two 45 minute walks a day for his health. Exercise is not only exercising his heart, muscles, and ligaments. Exercise is also exercising his brain! Your dog needs to stop and sniff and “check the daily news” as he makes his rounds around the block. He needs to socialize and explore. A dog with a happy mind is a dog that is happy in the home.

Lastly, you may want to consider using some more natural items that are freely available to dogs just as they were in the wild, such as Milk Thistle, Mistletoe, and Purple Coneflower. These plants help boost your pet’s immune system, keep their energy level stable, and increase their vitality.

The Ultimate Dog Health Book

It can be a frustrating experience having a sick dog with no ideas on how to make him better. Without the confidence to treat minor dog health issues, you wind up taking your pet to the vet for seemingly common health problems.

Over time, all the veterinary trips can definitely add up to a lot of money out of your pocket. There’s got to be a better way to help your dog feel better fast without losing your shirt every time. Let’s face it, these days we can all benefit from saving money wherever possible.

If you’re looking to save money on your dog’s health care, this article will definitely steer you in the right direction. Although, I’m all for conventional veterinary medicine, there are many common dog health problems you can resolve safely at home without having to shell out cash from your wallet.

Dog health problems like diarrhea, constipation, hip problems, itchy skin, fleas, sores, vomiting, broken nails, diet questions and so much more can easily be fixed once you have access to a reputable dog health book.

Dog Health Books are essentially reference guides that show you step by step how to cure your dog from common ailments like the ones mentioned above. They’re a vital tool for every dog owner to have at home.

For me, owning a dog health guide took the worry and anxiety out of a lot of the common symptoms my dog had from time to time. When my dog had bouts of diarrhea, I knew EXACTLY how to clear it up within a day. When my dog went through a period of dandruff, I found out EXACLTY what to do to give him relief as quickly as possible.

One time I went on vacation and had to put one of my dog’s in a kennel. I came back to find that he had come down with a bad case of “kennel cough”. Kennel Cough is a common sickness many kennel dogs can spread. I immediately turned to page 54 of my dog health book and learned step by step how to treat it.

So, you see, owning a Dog Health Book is more than just a preventative measure. You really do apply the tips in the manual throughout your dog’s life. I can say with certainty that I’ve added years to ALL my dog’s lives by nipping small dog health problems in the bud before they escalated into major ones that required veterinary intervention.

The most important thing is not to pick up just any old Dog Health Guide off the shelf at a bookstore. You want to find one that has step by step solutions to the most common dog ailments. You want to find one that has colorful illustrated diagram. You want one that has an acclaimed reputation.